My Animal Crossing Patterns!

Made Elsa’s dress from Frozen! :D Might make Anna’s too later on.

(It’s not as good as usual but finding the colours was a bit tricky- it looks better on; I promise!) ^^;

Reposting these ‘cause i couldn’t see them on my blog; only the Night Class ones - if they are still there at the beginning I apologise :L I couldn’t view them.

These were the first patternes I posted up before I had this crossingpatterns blog :) Hoping you all likey (again, haha ^^;)

Also did these before my save game buggered up so I can’t edit them now ._. Hunh.

I recently finished Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and by-golly was it good! Gabriel though *drools* Ayhoo, this is Dracul’s coat from the game :)

Hope it’s okay~

Oh man- I am so sorry to everyone who have sent requests! D: I have been off Animal Crossing for so long because of A levels and that that I have just not had time ;A; I didn’t realise I had over 100. I’ll start picking out some and evetually I’ll work my way through. But I’m sorry if yours does not come up soon :(

Wow, it’s been a while. I had a request left over that I forgot to post >.< So here it is. The My Chemical Romance Black Parade Jacket.

A request from littlerikku for Larsa’s shirt from Finay Fantasy. I will also be doing the second part of their request which is Lun Xun’s outfit, but it’s quite tricky and hard to do >.< It will be coming, but I thought it best to get this one out first.

A flag for luvnmuziq from Fairy Tail :) Sorry it took so long!~

A flag for luvnmuziq from Fairy Tail :) Sorry it took so long!~

I’m sorry I was away for so long! College was kicking off and it was a bit stressful >.< Anyhoo- This was a request from xoxomelissakristine for the 11th’s suit.

More to come from me soon~

Requests coming soon.

If you have requested stuff from me and I accepted, they should be done soon. I am just starting college and have to focus on that for now, so please bear with me!~

  1. 11th Doctor Suit
  2. Fairy Tail Flag
  3. Larsa and Lu Xun’s Outfits
  4. More that I haven’t been able to start :P

Just finished watching Warm Bodies and it was awesooooooome!~ It’s so sweet! (And Nicholas Hoult- but that’s not the point) I thought I’d do a commemorative design of cutie-pie-R’s hoodie. Hope you likey!~